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Wheelchair Ramps For Homes

Enjoy safe, durable access right on your doorstep with a market leading wheelchair ramp, widely used by domestic customers across the UK.
We price on application and can design the ramp in countless configurations; hence you can obtain a bespoke sized ramp for your home.
Case studies include...
Rapid Ramp - Features and Benefits
 Fully adjustable modular metal system.
 Fully galvanised guaranteeing longevity of use.                                                     
 Fully compliant with Document M and K of Building Regulations. 
 Non-slip surface and fast draining.                                       
 Entirely re-usable.   
Continuous handrail design.                                                                                  
 Extensive Gate & Step unit range.                                                            
 Available in a standard and safetread surface.                                                     
 Green colour handrails as standard with colour options available.    
Rapid design + install.  
Ramps made of durable steel with galvanised walkway and powder coated handrails. 
Reusable components.
Excellent removal service if no longer needed.                 
3 year guarantee, 25+ year life span. 
wheelchair ramps for domestic homes
Choosing the right width
900mm The recommended width for homes where space is limited whist being the minimum width requirement under Document M, section 6 of Building Regulations. 
1000mm – The recommended standard size ramp for domestic installations. 
1200mm – The extra wide ramp.
 Bespoke sizes are available.  
Extras on a Rapid Ramp
Gate Units:
Attached to the side of a 1200 or 1500mm wide platform.
We also offer boundary gates which can be installed independently of a ramp.

Disabled access ramp - Gate Unit

Disabled access ramp - Gate Unit

Step Units:
A step unit is an ideal addition to any ramp installation, providing the access needed for able-bodied users. They can also be stand alone units, independent of the Rapid Ramp System.
 Fully adjustable Step units available in 1 to 4 step configurations with extensions available up to eight steps.
 Choose from 2 tread depths of 300 and 600mm.
Step units can also be fixed directly to the wall.
Disabled access ramp - Step Unit
wheelchair ramps for domestic homes - Step Unit
Access Hatch:
 An access hatch opens up allowing a person access to the drain covers.
 An optional extra in use with our Rapid Ramps.
Access Hatch - Modular ramp
Trombone End: 
The Trombone end, as the name suggest is used on the end of a Rapid Ramp for extra safety and prevents clothes from catching.  

Disabled access ramp - Trombone End

Rapid Loc: 
Rapid Loc is the most versatile ramp product on the market for solving access issues. Tiles are used to create ramps of any shape, size or gradient; from small ramp through to large access solution >>Learn more
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Rapid Loc  - domestic access
Rapid Ramp Kits Available
Pick and choose what you need.  >>Click for Kit List
Wheelchair ramp kits
The Ramp Process From Enquiry To Installation

To enable us to give you a price, we ask if you can send us some photos and measurements of the area in question. Email  

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