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The Ramp Process - From Enquiry To Installation

Before making an enquiry:

1.Take a picture of the door and threshold (Standing well back, so we can see any obstructions). 

2. Take a picture standing in the doorway looking out (This shows us the overall area we have to work within). 

3. If there is an internal threshold, take some pictures and make a note of the internal threshold height.


4.With a tape measure, work out the distance from door threshold to the ground level.

the access ramp process

5. Measure the distance from the front door to the pavement and record all these measurements. 

the access ramp process

6. Does the path slope up or down from the property entrance? Write down your answer. 

7. Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator

Try our length calculator, a tool to help you find the most suitable ramp for your needs. Simply enter the height, choose from one of the three options and the calculator will give you the length.

Suggested gradient for all buildings other than dwellings. Typically used for high traffic public access approaches. Reference Document M, Volume 2, Section 1 of building regulations 2010.
The Ramp Length Required:

Make the enquiry:

1. Please email these measurements and photos to us with your name, the property address and postcode. This will help us respond rapidly to your enquiry.  Email:

the access ramp process

If your needing any help, you can always call us and we will try to build a picture of the space available by asking you a series of questions. Please have the property address & postcode on hand before you call. Tel: 01424 714646  

the access ramp process

**If you can provide us with comprehensive information, this will allow us to get a quote back to you quicker **  

 A site survey can be carried out, which will allow us to draw up an access proposal that includes technical/CAD drawings.

                    the access ramp process

What happens next:

1.  Once you have decided to proceed, we may require a deposit.  Provisionally, an estimated installation date will be given, however once we are ready to install the ramp, a final installation date will be agreed. It will generally take a day to complete unless there is extensive work needed. 

the access ramp process 

2. A removal service is available if you find the ramp is no longer needed.

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