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Wheelchair Ramps - Access to Healthcare Buildings 

With its modular design, our market leading modular ramp has become the ideal choice for many healthcare customers needing a short or long-term access solution, including Guys Hospital, London to Sedlescombe House Surgery, St Leonards. 
We price on application and install often out of hours/at weekends to accommodate round a building’s opening hours. 
Disabled access ramps - Guys Hospital, London
Disabled access ramps - Sedlescombe House Surgery, St Leonards
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Modular Ramp - Features & Benefits  
Fully adjustable modular metal system.
 Fully galvanised guaranteeing longevity of use.                                                     
Fully compliant with Document M and K of building regulations.                                            
 Non-slip surface and fast draining.                                      
 Entirely re-usable.    
Continuous handrail design.                                                                                       
Extensive Gate & Step unit range.                                                            
 Available in a standard and safetread surface.                                                     
 Green colour handrails as standard with colour options available.           
Rapid design + install.  
Ramps made of durable steel with galvanised walkway and powder coated handrails. 
Reusable components.
 Excellent removal service if no longer needed.                 
 3 year guarantee, 25+ year life span. 
Disabled access ramps for healthcare buildings
Choosing the right width 
 1000mm – The recommended standard size ramp.
 1200mm – The extra wide ramp.
 1500mm – The ideal choice for access to public buildings. This width meets the requirements of Document M1/2 of Building Regulations.
 Bespoke sizes are available. 
Extras on modular ramp 
Step Unit:           
Step Units are an ideal addition to any ramp installation, providing the access needed for able-bodied users. They can also be stand alone units, independent of the Rapid Ramp System.
Fully adjustable step units available in 1 to 4 step configurations with extensions available up to eight steps.
Choose from 2 tread depths of 300 and 600mm.
Step units can also be fixed directly to the wall.Step Units for Healthcare Buildings
Step Units for Healthcare Buildings
Access Hatch:
 An access hatch opens up allowing a person access to the drain covers.
 An optional extra on our Rapid Ramps.
Trombone End: 
● The trombone end, as the name suggest is used on the end of a Rapid Ramp for extra safety. Designed to prevent clothes from catching.  
Wheelchair Ramp -  Trombone End for Healthcare Buildings
Rapid Loc:
● Rapid Loc is the most versatile ramp product on the market for solving access issues. Tiles are used to create ramps of any shape, size or gradient; from small ramp through to large access solution. >>Learn more.
Rapid Ramp kits available
Pick and choose what you need.  >>Click for Kit List
Wheelchair Ramp Kits
Top class products are nothing without the service to support them! At Rapid Ramp we offer a complete service from a site survey, bespoke design, quotation to finished installation..

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