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Modular Ramp System

Rapid Ramp is a modular ramp system manufactured from steel in standard sized components that are available from stock.  Finished in galvanised and powder-coated surface they are very durable backed by a 3 year warranty.

We do a bespoke design for every installation designed to enable the user easy access to a property or building.                            

Rapid Ramp is available in four width sizes:
900mm – this width option is regularly installed in domestic homes where space is limited, and is the minimum width requirement under Document M, section 6 of Building Regulations. 
1000mm – the recommended standard size ramp
1200mm – the extra wide ramp 
1500mm – the ideal choice for access to public buildings. This width meets the requirements of the document M1/2 of Building Regulations.
disabled wheelchair ramp
Rapid Ramp - Features & Benefits  
 Fully adjustable modular metal system
  Fully galvanised guaranteeing longevity of use                                                     
 Fully compliant with Document M and K recommendations                                        
 Non-slip surface and fast draining                                       
 Entirely re-usable 
Continuous handrail design                                                                                    
 Extensive Gate & Step unit range                                                            
 Available in a standard and safetread surface                                                     
 Green colour handrails as standard with colour options available           
Rapid design + install  
Ramps made of durable steel with galvanised walkway and powder coated handrails 
Reusable components
 Excellent removal service if no longer needed                 
 3 year guarantee, 25+ year life span 
Gate units are attached to the side of a 1200 or 1500mm wide platform.
We also offer boundary gates which can be installed independently of a ramp
disabled wheelchair ramp gate unit
                             disabled wheelchair ramp gate unit
Fully adjustable Step units available in 1 to 4 step configurations with extensions available up to eight steps.
Choose from 2 tread depths of 300 and 600mm.
Step units can also be fixed directly to the wall or independently of our ramp system.
                     disabled wheelchair ramp step unit
disabled wheelchair ramp step unit
An access hatch opens up allowing a person access to the drain covers.
An optional extra in use with our Rapid Ramps.
disabled wheelchair ramp - access hatch
                                      Wheelchair ramp Access Hatch
The Trombone end, as the name suggests, is used on the end of a Rapid Ramp for extra safety, to prevent clothes catching. 
A range of termination kits are available with corresponding toe plates in four widths (900, 1000, 1200 and 1500mm) and three lengths (300, 800 and 1100mm). 
disabled wheelchair ramp trombone end
                                         disabled wheelchair ramp - St Paul's Cathedral                       
This highly effective, anti-slip surface solution is an alternative surface on our Rapid Ramps
The safetread is a 6mm thick extremely tough and durable GRP surface designed to eliminate slip hazards, in use with our Rapid Ramps.
Available in black or grey as standard.
The edges can be highlighted to single the start/end of the ramp or platform where required.
The standard surface grade is 24 (Known as a ‘Pedestrian Grade’) indicating that every cm2 there are approximately 24 pieces of the aluminium oxide which is much harder wearing to common quartz finishes.
The safetread GRP surface sheet is fixed to the specially designed galvanized steel frame providing an extremely strong solution.
Long lasting and durable
Highly effective anti-slip surface
Suitable for all environments, exterior and interior
Little or no maintenance requirement – easily cleanable 
disabled wheelchair ramps
Disabled wheelchair ramp
Pick and choose what you need.  **CLICK FOR KIT LIST**
disabled wheelchair ramp kits   
How long?
Measure the step height / level difference.
(Total height of steps or height to resting point on vehicle
disabled wheelchair ramp
disabled wheelchair ramp
Designed to comply with legislation.
The Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document M state
the following requirements for access ramps:
wheelchair ramp building regulations
Wheelchair Ramp Technical Brochure

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