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Wheelchair Access to Public Buildings 

Our modular Rapid Ramp is fully compliant with Document M and K of Building Regulations and continues to be supplied and installed nationwide. 

We can install out of hours/at night to accommodate around a site’s opening hours, and price on application, designing each ramp to the client's specification.

Case studies include...

Wheelchair Access to Public Buildings

Access to Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport, public access ramp
Public Access - Three Bridges Train Station
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Features in a public building specification:
Infill Balustrade Handrails - designed to reduce the open space between the bars on a ramp. This then prevents users from climbing or falling through gaps. >>View Case Study
Slip resident walkway with integral perforation allows any water to pass through rather than collect on the ramp.
● Highlighted yellow tread to single the start/end of the ramp or platform where required. Yellow tread is a safety feature, designed to help those with impaired vision identify the nose of the steps when descending or ascending. Additionally, it helps users distinguish any level changes. >>Learn More
 Highlighted yellow tread
 Mesh infill skirt is often specified. It prevents people access to the underside of the ramp structure. This is not a legal requirement, but we would always recommend it for a school application.
Trombone end, as the name suggest is added on the end of a Rapid Ramp for extra safe. Designed to stop clothes catching.
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Rapid Ramp- Features & Benefits  
 Fully adjustable modular metal system.
 Fully galvanised guaranteeing longevity of use.                                                     
 Fully compliant with Document M and K of building regulations.
 Non-slip surface and fast draining.                                       
● Entirely re-usable.   
● Continuous handrail design.                                                                                     
 Extensive Gate & Step unit range.                                                            
● Available in a standard and safetread surface.                                                     
● Green colour handrails as standard with colour options available.           
Rapid design + install.  
Ramps made of durable steel with galvanised walkway and powder coated handrails. 
Reusable components.
Excellent removal service if no longer needed.                 
 3 year guarantee, 25+ year life span. 
Public access ramp
Choosing the right width
1500mm is recommend choice for access to public buildings. 
 Bespoke sizes are available. 
Extras on Rapid Ramp 
Step Unit:           
A step unit is an ideal addition to any ramp installation, providing the access needed for able-bodied users. They can also be stand alone units, independent of the Rapid Ramp System.
Fully adjustable step units available in 1 to 4 step configurations with extensions available up to eight steps.
Choose from 2 tread depths of 300 and 600mm.
Step units can also be fixed directly to the wall.
Step Unit - Wheelchair Ramp
Access Hatch:
 An access hatch opens up allowing a person access to the drain covers.
 An optional extra on our Rapid Ramps.
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Access Hatch - Modular ramp
 Customised Powder Coating

 Rapid Ramp comes in green or black as standard, however you can choose a colour to match your requirement. All we require is your RAL colour number, this can be identified by a colour chart as shown below. 

Document M of the Building Regulations specifies that handrails should be ‘warm to touch’. Our rails are finished with a sufficiently thick Nylon coating of low thermal conductivity, so that body heat is not conducted away from the hand. Your hand could stick to a galvanised rail if the rail was below Zero Degrees Celsius.  >>View case study

Rapid Loc:
Rapid Loc is the most versatile ramp product on the market for solving access issues. Tiles are used to create ramps of any shape, size or gradient; from small ramp through to large access solution. >>Learn More
>>View Case Study
Rapid Loc at domestic property
Rapid Ramp Kits Available
Pick and choose what you need.  >>Click for kit list
Wheelchair ramp Kit 
The Ramp Process - From enquiry to installation

To enable us to give you a price, we ask if you can send us some photos and measurements of the area in question. Email:  >>Click to understand what is needed



Top class products are nothing without the service to support them! At Rapid Ramp we offer a complete service from site survey, bespoke design, quotation to finished installation. Please call: 01424 714646 or email: with your enquiry.   

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