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Modular Steps

A step unit is an ideal addition to any ramp installation, providing the access needed for able-bodied users. They can also be stand alone units, independent of the Rapid Ramp System.

Similarly to the modular Rapid Ramp, step units are fully adjustable, perfect for both domestic or public access. Units are available in 1 to 4 step configurations with extensions available up to eight steps.  Choose from 2 tread depths, 300 or 600mm.  Please call or email for a price. 

modular steps

Customised Powder Coating

Step units come in black or green as standard, however you can choose a colour to match your requirement. All we require is your RAL colour number, this can be identified by a colour chart as shown below.


Document M of the Building Regulations specifies that handrails should be ‘warm to touch’. Our rails are finished with a sufficiently thick Nylon coating of low thermal conductivity, so that body heat is not conducted away from the hand. Your hand could stick to a galvanised rail if the rail was below Zero Degrees Celsius.

modular steps  modular steps

step unit

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