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Meeting The Legislation On Public Access 

The two documents that govern access ramps for public buildings are Document M Volume 2 and Document K.

 Legislation on public access

Follow the 9 steps below to see how to correctly specify access to a public building. In this case, we've used Downs Way Primary School as our example case study, to help illustrate the below points.  

1. The minimum width of a ramped approach is 1500mm (Document M. Volume 2. Page 19).

 Legislation on public access

2. The minimum width of a stepped approach is also 1500mm (Document M. Volume 2. Page 19).

 Legislation on public access

3. The steepest gradient for public access is 1:15 or 3 degrees (Document M. Volume 2. Page 19).

4. Once the maximum length of ramp has been achieved, you should provide a level landing to allow the user to rest (Document M. Volume 2. Page 20).

 Legislation on public access

5. If the ramp height exceeds 380mm Infill handrail is a requirement to prevent users climbing or falling through gaps (Document K, Volume 2, Page 16).

 Legislation on public access

6. Continuous handrails are required to ensure the users always has a support to hold onto (Document K. Page 14). 

7. 1100mm high handrails to any level sections are a requirement of the regulations. (Document K, Page 24). 

8. Yellow nosing tread can be seen along the ramp edge, along the nose of each step and at the point where the ground level changes on the ramp surface (Document K, Volume 2, Page 20). 

Yellow tread is a safety feature, designed to help those with impaired vision identify the nose of the steps when descending or ascending. Additionally, it helps users distinguish any level changes.

9. Trombone ends can be seen at the start of the ramp and step unit. It’s designed to stop clothes catching (Document K, Page 15).

 Legislation on public access

10. The underside of structure was infilled with mesh to prevent children access. This isn't a legal requirement, but we would always recommend it for a school application.

 Legislation on public access

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